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  • Oct. 22nd, 2014 at 12:03 AM
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Dearest yuletide author,

hi! Seems like you're stuck with yours truly - and first thing, thanks in advance for whatever you'll write! I totally am excited to see whatever you may come up with and a+ taste for sharing any of these fandoms ;) - be sure that I'll be thrilled whichever you pick. Feel free to take either on my tumblr - as it's where I'm most active these days - or at my lj tho I should start updating it again ooops. :) I'm going to give you a general run-down and then I'll go into specific fandoms - but as stated, except for the few things I don't want in the general part just go with whatever you want, you don't have to pick anything that doesn't inspire you. (Some of these will be a c/p from past years but eeeeh I'm apparently very boring with my fandoms...) So, here we go!

what I like

I'm pretty easy to please really. Whichever rating you feel comfortable with is good - I won't say no to NC17, but if you want to keep it gen/pg/else it's all good. Angst or humor, either is good (crack is absolutely acceptable). My favorite tropes would probably be amnesia, AUs (either changing the setting completely or just changing stuff from canon), apocalypse fic/dystopias; I'd like it better if no one died/if it didn't end horribly but I'll trust your judgment in the case where I went with angst fandoms ;) If you feel like upping the ratings, my bulletproof kinks are consensual power play and cross dressing (and in het I like it a lot when the girl tops), but you really don't have to go into it if you want to keep it straight. Also I listed the characters with shipping preferences in some fandoms but gen/ust is totally cool. I tend to die in squee if there are music/movie/pop culture references of whichever nature. Oh, I also have a western fetish.

what I don't like

There's not much that I don't like, but: please no non-con actually happening in the fic (if it's past trauma or something like that it's good, but I can't take it happening in real time). Mpreg and everything of the kind. Character A/B/C/whatever turning into werewolves/werewolves AUs and please no alpha/beta/omega trope. As stated I could do without people dying but it's less of a deal-breaker than the rest.


Dark Tower (Roland Deschain, Cuthbert Allgood, Alain Johns)

First: if you picked the DT, let me just tell you that you're already awesomecakes in my book since I never find anyone who likes it. Now, since this year I totally forgot to do the nominations and my favorite character didn't get nominated by anyone else I'll take the occasion to *not* c/p completely my request from last year and do something else.

So: while I do love myself some pre-series interaction, there's not much Alain-centered stuff and there's even less of Alain/Cuthbert interaction and as it's kinda my second-favorite slash ship in those books I'd totally love anything with the two of them? Pre-series, AU, Wizard and Glass outtakes, it doesn't even have to be shippy as long as it's centered on the two of them? Because I'd totally love that. I could also do with something centered on the two of them but still pre-series and with everyone else from Roland's old crew - a bit like The Wind through the Keyhole was also a story set in Gilead. I'll take anything really. :)

If not, I'm always up for some solo Roland adventure. I don't really like the ending but I could totally be persuaded in reading what happened to him after. Or what happens to him when the loops end, if they do. Or even something post-Jericho Hill and pre-Gunslinger? I'd totally read that. And I know I can't exactly put that as a serious request because I was dumb and missed the nominations but I'll just mention I happen to ship Roland/Eddie a lot so if you were so inclined I wouldn't say no at all

Thankee sai ;)

X-Factor (comics) (Shatterstar, Julio Richter)

Sooo, XF is my favorite Marvel comic in history and these two are my uber-otp as far as Marvel comics are concerned and I really miss them, and I liked them best in the X-Factor timeframe, so there we go, it's pretty much all I want. I'm also caught up with their X-Force stuff so feel free to reference at any time.

I really don't have specific preferences re the timeframe and everything since I read the entire thing as a whole and loved pretty much all of it (and I like everyone in the cast so there's no one I wouldn't want showing up). About ideas: casefic where they take a case together would be a+. I'd definitely read a coda to the end of the comic book - surely after they set things right in the timeline they'll have had some reunion more passionate than what was shown in on page? ;) I'm also good with pwp or them watching movies and having a *moment*. Another thing I'd enjoy a lot would be a meet-up with the All-New X-Factor team after they eventually get back on Earth, but really, whatever is good. Though I also might have a thing for the part where Shatterstar has hollow bones so anything where Ric has to actually pick him up/carry him would be totally welcomed. Doesn't have to be sex either for that matter.

Deadwood (Trixie, Joanie Stubbs, Jane Cannary)

Aaah Deadwood, it was my favorite show in existence and I felt very betrayed by how they cut it short, so I'd like anything centered on either my favorite character or my favorite ship (or both?) post-series. The favorite character was Trixie and I'd be very very interested in seeing what she might have been up to after the S3 finale, especially considering her... precarious position during the last few eps of S3. (In case it's relevant, I shipped her and Sol, but it doesn't really have to be ship-centered.) And same goes for my favorite pairing aka Jane/Joanie, I'd die to see anything where they get to explore their relationship some more post-canon. Or even in-canon really, the world could do with some more Jane/Joanie. Appearances by any character that isn't Hearst are wholly welcomed.

Maddaddam trilogy - Margaret Atwood (Snowman, Toby)

Jimmy/Snowman is.. pretty much one of my favorite literary people and whatever you can come up with centered around him would make me weep happy tears. I have no ship preferences or any preference whatsoever about whom he should interact with (Crake, Oryx, Crakers, the people in the end, Year of the Flood coda, college years, it's all good). Really, Jimmy-centric is enough to make me delighted. For general guidelines, I'm very interested in said college years/how he went to relatively-sane-Snowman leaning the Crakers out to possibly-not-so-sane-Snowman-living-on-a-tree. I'm also interested in anything set during Maddaddam times, since while he was in the book he was never the main POV so I'd really like his side of things before, well, the end of the series.

As far as Toby goes I love her and she's my second-favorite and I'll take really anything - though actually I'd pay good money for fic where she and Jimmy interact some more. Or also I could really read a second-generation Craker POV re interacting with her/the others.

Kings (Jack Benjamin, David Shepard)

Okay, I'll cut this one short: I just want fic for those two. Slash, gen, friendship, everything is welcomed. If you'd like a couple of general ideas, I'd be interested in something set after what canon is there - I mean, if the show hadn't been canceled they'd have obviously met again at some point. I also was extremely interested in how that show reworked the biblical material, so if you want to go for something of the sort (like a retelling of a particular part of any of the biblical material concerning their original counterparts) that's be awesome as well. I *do* ship them, but if you'd prefer going for a different relationship and having the two of them with their canon love interests that's totally cool too.

Velvet Goldmine (Curt Wild, Arthur Stuart)

I'll cut this one short as well since at least I have very clear ideas about what I'd like from this fandom: post-film relatively-happy-ending-or-what-passes-for-an-happy-ending-in-those-circumstances Curt/Arthur fic would make me the happiest person. Back when I watched the movie they were totally the one thing I had come out of it shipping and I always thought that the ending was totally a great starting point for the two of them to be a thing so... pretty please? Anything where they decide to stay in touch and it doesn't take long for them to hook up and maybe they attend a few underground concerts together? Whatever floats your boat really.

All of this stated, really, feel free to go with gen or friendshippy for the stuff where I didn't state explicit preferences if it floats your boat better. And if you read some of the tropes I like and thought 'hey, it's be awesome if character X from fandom Y ended up with amnesia during a nuclear apocalypse!'/something like that don't feel like you have to go with the guidelines I gave in the specific fandoms. I'll totally be happy with whatever you'll come up with.

Thank you so very much and happy yuletide! ♥



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