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  • Jun. 22nd, 2012 at 11:17 PM
janie_tangerine: (carnivàle)
1) I'm still desktop-less and most likely won't have a new one until Monday if I'm lucky or until the week after if I'm not, and I'm not managing to keep up to date much. I'll hopefully replace it on Monday and I'll catch up at some point. But as I really need to print stuff, it's starting to be bothersome. Also I realized that I had shit that I should have saved on the desktop, but since the problem is that the disk has fried and it won't load properly, I have no idea of how to save it. If I can. :/ Also the netbook has been frying because of the heat so I'm trying to use it just for basic stuff.

2) Two finals down, two to go, and the one I have on Monday is reminding me of all the reasons why I wrote a thesis on Kant and not Hegel. At least the first two went good. The second included a surreal exchange in which I totally recced Oryx and Crake to the English teacher who was supposed to evaluate my capacity to speak in English. Yeah, I don't even know.

3) The average temperature has been... around 35° degrees celsius, but I'm sure it reached 40 at some points in the last week. This weather isn't what you need when you're dealing with Hegel. I mean, it's still June. You don't get this kind of hot until mid-July, usually. Yeah, right.

4) In the midst of this, my parents are happily going to Spain next weekend, and I'll stay here and study for a theology exam I totally would have never signed for if I had any choice.

5) While on breaks from final the first and final the second, I watched Carnivàle. A more thorough review will happen when I have the new computer, but for now I'd just like to ask, who the fuck was the head of HBO between 2003 and 2005? Because seriously, the only shows they ever canceled leaving them with a crap ending were this one, Deadwood and Rome (which I never watched because the idea of Romans speaking in English amuses me greatly, but I'm told it was very good too), and my only comment when it was over was HOW DO YOU EVEN CANCEL SOMETHING THIS BRILLIANT? Seriously, it was all kinds of awesome weird and while my favorite HBO show is still Deadwood, I thought it was amazing. And right up my alley. Bleargh, just two seasons weren't enough.

And on the next final break I'm totes watching Kings, since I ended up reading the Bible because of said theology class and at least now I have the background knowledge.

6) And I shall now go trying to plan my dc_summerlovin fic for good so I can write it tomorrow while I'm on breaks from Hegel. I'll hopefully be more around soon, if the heat doesn't kill me first.

7) Oh, and wait, [livejournal.com profile] ozmissage wrote me THE BEST BRIENNE/JAIME FIC EVER for [livejournal.com profile] got_exchange and YOU SHOULD READ IT, YOU REALLY SHOULD. You have to join the comm, but it's so totally worth it. Seriously. You want to. And it's post ADWD so if you didn't read that ignore this, but if you did read it, YOU REALLY SHOULD.

8) Okay, I'm really done now.

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