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Title: these tornadoes are for you [AO3]
Pairing: Jaime/Brienne
Rating: light NC17
Word count:
Spoilers: heavy for AFFC. Could easily be set after the Jaime chapter in ADWD but it's optional, it wasn't written with ADWD in mind.
Warnings: er, sword-fighting?
Disclaimer: GRRM owns them and I only wish it'd go like this. Title from Richard Siken. (I'm not worthy.)
Summary: “Wench, I recall you fighting a lot better last time.”
A/N: written for [livejournal.com profile] lenina20 during the latest five acts round; the prompt was fight turning into a heated situation. More or less.

Brienne isn’t fighting for real. )
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Title: I got you [AO3]
Pairing: Jaime/Brienne
Rating: NC17
Word count: 1440
Spoilers: for AFFC.
Warnings: none really.
Disclaimer: GRRM owns them and the title is from Stone Temple Pilots.
Summary: He found out all the places that make her moan and writhe and she found the ones that make him flush and tremble, and he likes that there are no expectations from him.
A/N: written for this summer's porn battle round; the prompts were warmth and sweet.

The last winter wasn’t as cold as this one, Jaime thinks often – but maybe he’s wrong and that long summer made him forget. )
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Title: nearly beloved [AO3]
Pairing: Jaime/Brienne
Rating: R
Word count: 820
Spoilers: for AFFC.
Warnings: none.
Disclaimer: GRRM owns them and Wallflowers own the title.
Summary: At the beginning she mostly followed his lead, but now she doesn’t anymore and when she kisses him first, her tongue meeting his and that soft swell of her bottom lip moving against his own he selfishly thinks that maybe he’s glad that no one else but him knows about how good it feels to kiss her.
A/N: written for the last porn battle round, for the prompts kissing and mouth. Totally wishful thinking as usual.

There are times when Jaime pities Ronnet Connington. )
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Title: with a wonder and a wild desire [AO3]
Pairing: Jaime/Brienne
Rating: NC17
Word count: 3300
Spoilers: slight up until AFFC but you'd probably be safe with having read ASOS.
Warnings: d/s tones, dirty talk, scar kink, no plot whatsoever.
Disclaimer: they're GRRM's. Not mine.
Summary: where Jaime has a dirty mouth and Brienne likes it just a bit too much. And it's just the beginning of it.
A/N: written for the second comment fic meme at [livejournal.com profile] got_exchange. And most probably the kinkiest het porn I ever wrote. What's with me and this pairing. Endless thanks to [livejournal.com profile] thespiansparkle who had the dubious luck to beta this when she didn't even know the fandom.

“Then be courteous and let me hear you. Why shouldn’t I want to know how much you like it when I fuck you?” )
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Title: where you invest your love you invest your life [AO3]
Pairing/Characters: Jaime/Brienne; Daenerys
Rating: PG13
Word count: 2600 ca
Spoilers: basically until AFFC, blink-and-miss-it reference to Dany's general storyline in ADWD.
Warnings: none really.
Disclaimer: GRRM owns, I don't.
Summary: what he thinks of Brienne has always been his business alone and he isn't sure that he wants to share it with the new queen. He hadn't particularly wanted to share the rest, either - after all, Brienne is the only one who's seen him at such a low point and he doesn't mind it because it was her. Not Daenerys Targaryen. Then again, if he wants half a chance to at least talk to the wench one last time, he has to tell her.
A/N: written this summer for a comment fic fest at [livejournal.com profile] jaimexbrienne; the prompt was In the dungeons of the Dragon Queen, Jaime saves his skin by telling her stories of his lady love.. Goes unsaid that this is so never going to happen, but let's just pretend it does. Title from Mumford & Sons.

Read more... )

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