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1) Thanks so much to everyone who sent those pretty glass hearts ♥ my profile looks a lot prettier and my v-day sucked a lot less than it usually does. ;) Ilu all.

2) Dear world, I'm ready for this session to be over and for the weather to get better, because when you live in the only sort of civilized city where buses don't have wheels for snow in 75% of the cases and if it snows a bit 75% of the public transportation gets shut down and so you end up at home revising which is exactly what you did since vacations were over, you start to go stir-crazy. At least another two and then I can just go see five movies in a row. And the fact that a lovely coffee shop/bakery that sells glorious not-so-tiny cupcakes opened near home therefore making it the only reachable not-useless place around is threatening my levels of sugar, not that I regret cupcakes.

3) Okay, uh, you remember when I said that I couldn't be bothered with Ringer not being just plain stupid anymore but bordering on (imo) offensive? Yeah, I take it back because today's episode was just - I have no freaking words. Rant under the cut, feel free to ignore if you a) like that show, b) don't watch it (and it's good for you). Also: discussion about triggering material (non-consensual sex).

seriously? SERIOUSLY? )

4. And after that rant that was probably too long for that show, and to remind myself why I'm watching it next week after all, here, have some Misha being OMG ADORABLE NEXT TO THE GUINNESS WIN CERTIFICATE. I'd just like to state that having contributed to be in a Guinness primate feels pretty darn awesome. I have something to tell my nephews now. ;)

5. Also, the porn battle is sadly over. :( I managed six fills this round which was awesome. Posting will happen tomorrow or so. (And recs as well probably.)

6. Aaand it's almost 1 AM and I have fic to finish and stuff to study/revise tomorrow so I'll just thank everyone for the shiny sparking hearts and be off. Sigh. One of these days one of these entries will be full of exciting RL shenanigans, but this isn't it.

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