SPN 8x19 + some other things

  • Apr. 6th, 2013 at 9:38 PM
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1. First thing, quick fic rec for anyone who might be interested (idk how many on here are into both, but it's so brilliant I have to share): this is an ASOIAF/Father Ted crossover where Stannis, Renly and Robert are priests living on Craggy Island and it's the most beautiful crossover that ever crossovered in every history of crossovers. Seriously. You don't have to be familiar with Father Ted to crack up, though if you are it's funnier. Okay, there it is. You won't regret it.

2. That said, I SAID I WAS GOING TO DO EPISODE REACTIONS AGAIN and I'm doing it. Okay, SPN time since no vampire porn this week.

spoilers )

3. Two GRRM-related things: seriously. IS THERE SOMEONE WHO READS WILD CARDS other than me in the universe? Seriously, I spent Easter reading throughout books sixteen and seventeen and it's just - so many delish characters and I have at least four otps TWO OF WHICH ARE CANON AND CURRENTLY LIVING HAPPILY EVER AFTER and while it does have the asoiaf realism/angst (as much as superhero books can have) CHARACTERS ACTUALLY GET TO BE HAPPY MOST TIMES even if they get through hell first, and there's canon queer/interractial/interspecies relationships and okay while some parts are seriously WTF or tacky or irrationally gross as a whole IT'S REALLY REALLY GOOD D: and I can't find fic or a fandom or ANYTHING except a forum that is updated every two months, whyyyyy.

4. Second GRRM-related thing: if I have any Theon fans on here who are on tumblr but we don't follow each other, me and a friend on there will hopefully be hosting a week of ridiculous Theon fangirling in mid-May because seriously the hate on the guy is pretty horrible atm and it'll just get worse as the season progresses so if anyone's interested, we'd love to have you. ;)

5. In other news: I spent Easter between despairing over my grandmother (whom I love but the more time passes the more I'm convinced that she'll never understand that life doesn't equate obligatory valley of tears) and feeling like some old person because my ten year-old cousin spent like half an hour speaking about how in his class people get caught for hiding their i-pods in their shoes, can't use their cellphones or *i-pads* in class etcetera etcetera. At which my basic reactions were: 'WHY would you buy your ten year-old an iphone or an ipad or ANYTHING LIKE THAT' and 'fuck when I was ten we didn't even bring our frigging *walkman* to school and we didn't spend time during classes playing Angry Birds'. Which probably explains a lot of things, but still, I'm too young to feel like an old woman and wish that kids these days would just go and read Treasure Island under their desk instead of playing Angry Birds, if they really have to not pay attention.

... damn, I sound like my grandmothers used to sound when I was seven. Brb, getting drunk.

6. I also had a sort of half-high school reunion. Half in the sense that just half of the people were present, and most of them were people I never talked to. But for some miracle it actually went decently, we got nicely buzzed (even if the beer I had was good enough to keep me awake until 4 AM even if the entire thing was over at 2...) and idek, apparently it took five years to get past the stage where people forget how much they used to dislike each other in HS but it was nicer than I thought it'd be.

That said, I'm also apparently too old to get buzzed and then go to bed at five AM because the morning after I woke up at like 11.30 AM and I wanted to spend the entire day in bed.

7. The politics around here are getting so depressing that I can't even fathom it. Not any news, but still, when you think you can't get worse IT GETS WORSE.

8. At least, I found a recipe for strawberry muffins which works like a charm. Now if only I had a chance to use said muffins to charm the Richard Madden lookalike haunting my university who appears in there once every two years or so, my life would be awesome. Again: why don't I know how to flirt? Because I'd have done that three months ago, if I had.

9. In more interesting book-related news, I'm three chapters into Fifty Shames of Earl Gray and it was deliciously hilarious. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes on, because if the rest is as good as the first three chapters, it's going to be the funniest thing I've read in ages.

10. Aaand since I have nothing else of import, I'll just leave you with this, which is arguably the best piece of live music that I've heard in the last six months that wasn't a concert I was attending. You're welcome. ;)

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