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1) *waves* hi world. Sorry for being scarce but if you look at my icon the reason will be clear. ;)

2) Anyway, classes have started again. Out of the two I went to out of four (the other two start this week) one is good and the other is a painful experience, mostly because I'm apparently the only one attending/giving that exam and if there's one thing I hate is attention focused completely on me in that kind of circumstance. And out of the two I have to do, one I totally don't give a damn about and the second is totally useless, but at least the only book in program for that one is by Margaret Atwood. If anything at least I'm not going to sleep through it, but I really, really don't like that out of three classes I'm taking I basically picked one and three were forced down my throat. /end rant

3) I should get a Guinness World Record certificate in the mail fairly soon. Misha Collins, if my cousins ever start thinking that I'm cool because I did your scavenger hunt, I'll owe you a drink.

4) Anyway, in the week between having my last exam and classes starting, I figured that it was time I took advantage of the shiny dvds for all the Sopranos season that I was given for Christmas and watched them. Right now I'm done with S1 and S2 and I'm spoiled just for how the finale ends (because I mean who doesn't know that by now) and for another huge thing, but I know nothing about all the rest so reaction to those ones will obviously only take those two seasons into account.

S1/S2 blathering under here )

5) Other than that I have stuff to catch up with and OMG GAME OF THRONES IS BACK IN LESS THAN A MONTH and about that, I'm not in the habit to post meta but there's stuff I've been brewing about a couple of certain issues so there might be some GOT related meta posted here at some point. Who am I kidding, Robb Stark related meta

6) Also, I'm trying to sort out all the comment fic/exchange fic I've never posted properly so if in the next week I end up spamming the world with round-up masterposts, sorry in advance.

7) Fic speaking (and last point): anyone who finished ADWD would be cool with betaing my fic for [livejournal.com profile] smallfandombang? It's, uuh, 18k of post-ADWD Jon/Sam, very much NC17. If you're interested I can give you details. Thanks in advance! ;)

Also: to the new people who friended me the last week, would you like for me to friend you back or anything? I don't do it automatically so it's just to know.

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