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Extra that goes outside the list:

Congratulations, US. I'm not in the habit of blathering about politics that aren't my own but considering who was the alternative, congratulations. Also, just one thing even if it's late and probably not relevant anymore: dear Mitt Romney, Italy's economy is fucked because all the policies adopted here have *not* been the same as Obama's in the US. Check your facts.

That stated, on to less worldwide things.

1. First thing goes first: GASLIGHT ANTHEM ARE IMMENSE. Seriously I so don't regret the Milan trip - it was *amazing* and I got first row and they're as awesome as I thought they'd be AND THEY PLAYED FILM NOIR DSFKDSHFKSH I CAN'T COMPREHEND HOW AWESOME THAT CONCERT WAS. Not to mention the Wolverine action figures on the speakers - nerds, NERDS! - and the incense going on so that it'd cover the fake-smoke-they-always-use-in-concert smell. NO SERIOUSLY. ALSO BRIAN FALLON YOU'RE SO CUTE IN PERSON I DIED. HE SMILES ALL THE TIME I CAN'T.


sjafhkdsfgdkshfg. [livejournal.com profile] mollivanders you're in for a treat when you go see them. ;) Aaand I don't have time for full reviews but there might be one later. That said: I LOVE THESE PEOPLE OKAY.

2. So I'm doing [livejournal.com profile] mini_wrimo again. Hopefully I'll use it to finish stuff I have to finish rather than starting stuff at random that is never going to see the light of day.

3. GISHWHES killed my soul, but it was awesomecakes. Except, do never, ever do something stupid like reading The Raven to a crow. Or read anything to a crow. Stupid birds. I might post some of the pictures at some point, but ugh seriously it was a lot crazier than last year. I don't dare imagine what Misha is going to cook up next time...

4. Since we're talking Misha: random-ass-sort-of-late-but-not-for-the-last-episode reviews of SPN 8x05 and 8x06.

spoilersspoilersspoilers )

5. Non TV related and concerts related: Mumford and Sons are coming to Rome in March (SCORE FOR ME - TOTALLY GOING) and Bon Jovi after finally learning that Italy is Not A Place To Be Feared are coming to Milan in June! MORE CONCERTS FOR ME! And less money for me I fear, but you only live once I suppose.

6. I finally settled things re my study plan. Which means I can do my Masters thesis with the professor I want. And I didn't even have to argue with the office (too much). I think the Apocalypse *is* coming after all.

7. The indecent number of spam comments LJ left me this week is mind-boggling. I haven't had that many in ages. :/

8. Aaand that's all there is for the moment. Hopefully I'll have some half-decent concert review up at some point soon, along with other stuff. And I'll manage to update properly.

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