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1) ... hi, it's been a long time. In my defense, I spent pretty much the entire last month studying for the most useless final that I ever had to take and I've been done with the entire session last Monday. Buut in good news the broken computer was replaced, so hopefully I'll manage to catch up with everything I missed when it was down and while I was breaking my head over stuff I didn't care about. And possibly catch up with fic writing.

2) Also, since for the last five days I've been pretty much sleeping my time off and because before the final I was drowning in notes: happy extremely late birthday to [livejournal.com profile] mollivanders and [livejournal.com profile] toestastegood! <3333 I hope the two of you had amazing days and that you got accordingly spoiled. ;) and since I don't know if on Monday I'll be able to post (see point 3) happy early birthday to [livejournal.com profile] ozmissage! ♥ I hope you get the best of days and that some Mark Ruffalo clone drops from the sky in front of your door, but in case that one doesn't happen, still best wishes for the best possible time. ;)

3) Point the third: tomorrow I'm going on (real) vacation and I'll be going to Sweden and hanging out at [livejournal.com profile] pnr's, and it'll include visiting Copenhagen, other lovely places in the south of Sweden and seeing Bruce Springsteen again (<3). I should still be more or less around in some capacity (at least on Twitter), but that said, if anyone wants a postcard I'd be more than happy to provide. ;) If I already have your address from somewhere else just say that you want one, otherwise send me a PM with it.

4) Back when I wasn't having computer issues I was thinking of doing some tv reaction post catching up for the finales I missed, but obviously I got swamped in finals and then I didn't have the computer and then I never did, so while I'm going to post some lengthy reviews of Carnivàle, Kings and the last three Sopranos season when I'm back, just a couple thoughts over the last two GOT eps which I totally missed talking about last time. this is all very short and without much dwelling, but everyone said it already, so. )

5) For something completely different: I was linked this a while ago and it's too priceless not to share with the world.

It caused me at least a good ten minutes of cracking up.

6) Aaand now I should really be packing so I'll go do it and hii again! Hopefully I won't disappear for the entire next month...
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Uhm, okay. This is mostly good but there's one thing I'm majorly pissed about so thread careeefulllyy. Also labeled book spoilers under the spoiler tag but since idk if it works with cellphones pay attention.

Read more... )

And with this I'll go finish fic and stuff.

game of thrones 2x07, a man without honor

  • May. 14th, 2012 at 1:55 PM
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Premise one: as stated last week, civil Theon discussion is welcomed. Theon bashing will bring ugly reactions out of me, so.. yeah. None of that, please.

Premise two: this review is a minefield of book spoilers and comparison between ACOK-book and the show. I'm gonna spoiler cut everything, but since the spoiler cut doesn't work on my cellphone I'm warning to thread carefully, especially since I'm spoiling shit up until ADWD and not small things only.

and where did you find that beast? )

And with this I'll go have lunch. Post with other tv-related reactions will happen shortly.

got 2x06 the old gods and the new

  • May. 7th, 2012 at 1:24 PM
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Okay, premise: if we all want to discuss Theon like civilized people, that's cool. If the general opinion is 'OMG SOMEONE KILL HIM ASAP' just don't bother. Just don't.

spoilers, huh. )

game of thrones 2x04, garden of bones

  • Apr. 23rd, 2012 at 1:08 PM
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Okay, this review is flooded with book spoilers so I'm going to spoiler-cut them, but still thread carefully.

spoilers obviously )
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Lol this post is going to be 50% one thing, 45% another and 5% everything else.

I'm no lady. )
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1. So, I had actually watched that ep when it leaked, then I figured I'd wait for the actual airing moment to review it and then it was Easter and I didn't, but since I have ~feelings~ about it and tonight's episode will give me EVEN MORE (everyone who read the books and saw the preview knows why) I'll just go over the main things here.

the night lands )

2. Easter was absolutely non-eventful. I went to grandparents' and the only news is that apparently my now ten-year-old cousin (UGH, WHEN DID HE BECOME TEN? I FEEL SO OLD) decided that I'm cool enough to interact with. It only reinforces my belief that I can't interact with kids younger than ten, but from then onward it might be not entirely a disaster. The weather since then has been abysmal though. I was so ready for winter to be over.. obviously winter is coming instead

3. In university news, the class I'm attending where it's just me and the professor (seriously) is apparently moving to his office. And we're at the point where we swapped numbers because if he can't go it's ridiculous that I would, and viceversa. It's so awkward, I can't. For the rest, I have one class I moderately care for (but not much), one that is killing my soul and another which is made of professor trying to teach people to speak in English. And I totally don't need to actually attend but it's obligatory. For the last semester that I'll attend (though I'll probably end up taking a couple classes next fall, considering how things are...) it's been so lackluster, ew. Not being able to pick your subjects does a lot in making you wonder what you're even doing.

4. This entry is sadly lacking non-GOT related comments, so since there have been some new friendings lately and this meme looked lovely, I stole it from [livejournal.com profile] pann_cake:

abc meme )

5. Drive by link: there's a GOT kink meme going on here for anyone interested.

6. With that, I'll go answer comments and try to whip up some more five acts fills. One of these days I'll start writing unprompted fic again, but it's not today.

7. And last thing: my Guinness World Record certificate just arrived! :D I'm taking pictures as soon as it isn't bent anymore. (Because obviously what do Italian post workers do when there's a DO NOT BEND written all over the package? Obviously they bend it.)

8. Okay, I'm really done. Next post will probably have fic recs as I hoarded links for a while. Now I'll go do what I said in point six and see you all tomorrow with GOT gushing.

game of thrones - 2x01 the north remembers

  • Apr. 2nd, 2012 at 2:54 PM
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First thing, which has totally nothing to do with the ep itself (strictly): WATCH THIS TRAILER NOW.


Brb having a fit. That said, on to proper reaction.

I don't need a servant to do my beheading. )

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